Stéphane D'Amato, president

In 1984, Stephane D’Amato was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of science in agriculture at McGill University. He worked as a grain trader in two of the largest Canadian agro-food companies and then founded Axis Agriculture. Well recognized by the Eastern Canada grain growers, Stephane became a credible grain marketing resource for them and the entire grain industry.

Quality Standards

About Us

Axis Agriculture is a company founded in 1991. Axis quickly became a reference for grain growers in Eastern Canada with its grain brokerage service and grain marketing training session. Today, with this strong link with grain growers, Axis specializes in the trade of organic grains, GMO free soybeans and pulses by containers to Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


Axis Quality Control System

Axis Agriculture is in the process of obtaining the ECOCERT organic certification. All organic and GMO free grains Axis buys are subject to rigorous quality control at two stages of handling. First, when receiving grain at the cleaning center and second, when loading containers. In addition, Axis Agriculture requires that its products be handled, cleaned and containerized in facilities that use Axis Handling equipment cleaning protocol. This protocol ensures that the handling equipment is clean and free from products other than the grain to be handled.

Quality of Canadians Products

Canada has the second largest area in the world after Russia and a population of 36 millions people. Only 7% of its territory is used for agriculture. Different climatic zones, different types of soils, purity of the air and the great availability of clean water makes it possible to grow soybeans, wheat, corn and pulses of the highest quality. The Canadian government establishes a grain classification system through the Canada Grain Commission (CGC) and sets export standards for agricultural products through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).


Producer Contracts and Producer Selection Criteria


GMO free soybeans and organic wheat growers who are under a production contracts must grow their crops according to requirements. They have to demonstrate their ability to produce grain according to the required quality. All organic cultivated fields under contract are subject to a field inspection during the growing season. Growers are also required to deliver grain according to specific criteria such as grade, moisture, specific weight, impurities, toxins and protein.

Countries Receiving our Offers

China, India, South-East Asia, Europe and Middle East.


Axis markets organic grains, GMO free soybeans and pulses in oversea markets

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